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Capt Reinhard Dombrowski

Capt Reinhard Dombrowski

Lighthaus Pte Ltd. is reputable company, established, licensed and have been successfully engaged in crewing business in the international market since 2006.

We focus our services in several areas in the maritime industry with professionalism and with our extensive knowledge.
We have been dealing with various ship owners and managers to handle and manage their fleet no matter where they are.

Although we have primary focus on the offshore industry, we also have our interests and involvement in some crew management of other various vessel types such as Tankers, Bulkers, Drill Ships and many more.

Lighthaus is also involved in several other ongoing maritime projects namely in the technical management-(shipbuilding), technical supervision and marine vessels inspections.

Lighthaus provides comprehensive crew management solutions to the international marine industry. And with our support offices in Indonesia, Ukraine and the Philippines, we are able to provide seafarers from these major recruitment areas of highest standards. We are capable to offer highly qualified and certified crews for various types of vessels but specializing on offshore vessels and the oil & gas industry.

We work closely with our ship-owner clients to fulfill their requirements and conduct rigorous selection, interview, testing and evaluation of the crews to ensure that each crew finds the approval from our customer/ship-owners.

We strongly believe in team-work – teamwork between our young staff at our land-based offices and between crews on board.

Teamwork is the key for our success.

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